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Bird Land - The New Feature Film from King's Tower Productions (Mar 12, 2018) via King's Tower Productions

King's Tower Productions is proud to announce its latest project, Bird Land, as officially moving forward with director Jozef K. Richards making King's Tower's first trip to New Zealand to begin outreach and scouting for the film. (read more)

Space Invaders (Feb 26, 2018) Jozef K. Richards via Steemit

Not all space invaders come from space. Some just come into space. Our space. Or the space where a delicate ecosystem exists that may have evolved in isolation. (read more)

A World Without Wolves (Feb 23, 2018) Jozef K. Richards via Steemit

Have you ever wanted all mosquitos to just go away and die? Well, that's how the new arrivals to the modern day United States at the turn of the century felt about wolves. So much so that by the 1920s, the grey wolf had been completely eliminated by man from even the vast protected wilderness of Yellowstone National Park. (read more)

Big Bird Lost (Feb 17, 2018) Jozef K. Richards via Steemit

I lined them up. #89, the Brown Kiwi; #144, the Takahe; #177, the Kea; #292, the Kakapo; and… was that it? (Well, keep in mind, Wildlife Fact-File was by no means a complete catalog of every animal ever, but was four all there were in my collection?) I thought there was one more. Ah, there was. (read more)

Carnivorous Parrots (Feb 12, 2018) Jozef K. Richards via Steemit

How many people remember these? Anyone? The 1990s were a decade known for their collectibles. Pokémon, Beanie Babies, Furbies, Pogs, three-ring binders of encyclopedic reports on animals, their habitats, and conservation issues… (read more)