Using the digital world to bring us back into the natural world.

The World of Bird Land is a long-term creative project aimed at providing entertainment solutions to address what is a widespread global disregard, disinterest, and/or lack of education towards the interconnectedness between all life on Earth and its critical role in our continuance and comfort as a species. A bright future awaits an engaged and informed public.

In 2018, we are beginning our mission with the start of the Bird Land World Tour, a multi-city traveling event, focusing primarily on the topics of birds, botany, and building ecosystems.

Bird Land is also in development as an internationally produced feature-length film, set to begin production on-location in New Zealand's South Island in early 2020.



A mysterious gardener journeys to undo the effects of a witch's spell that are preventing the birds from returning to his homeland.

Bird Land is the fourth feature-length film from U.S.-based King's Tower Productions and writer/director Jozef K. Richards. For this production, Jozef and King's Tower travel to New Zealand, working with an acclaimed international cast and crew to bring this fantasy adventure together.



Let's learn together and teach each other through storytelling to become a more informed and compassionate species.

Bird Land is a fairy tale, but its message doesn't have to be. Learning the consequences of our actions on the planet doesn't have to be a scary thing. We can spread useful information through entertainment in a way unachievable by conventional means. We believe it is important to reach people's hearts by engaging them in a way that will connect to their sense of joy, love, and passion, while providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge to be able to do something about it.

Further announcements coming soon.